Stock Footage Sites: Effects, Video Clips, and Animations

B-roll, stock footage, news footage, music, background videos, transitions, charts, 3D charts, 3D videos, video infographic templates, sound effects, video effects, and even full video templates for your next video can be purchased online. As you’re looking to streamline your video development, these packages can really accelerate your video production and make your videos look far more professional in a fraction of the time. If you’re fairly tech savvy, you may even wish to dive

Bob Prosen Launches Small Business Accelerator

A few years ago, I read and thoroughly enjoyed Kiss Theory Goodbye, a book from Bob Prosen that provides sound advice for businesses. Bob’s business leadership and management training programs have dramatically increased performance and profitability and changed the culture at Sabre, Hitachi, Sprint, AT&T and hundreds of small businesses across the nation. Bob’s consulting and training are now in high demand – here’s a recent segment from MSNBC: Everyone is always asking how to

Small Business Owners and Social Media

These days everyone is on the internet; reading, writing, researching, chatting with friends, stalking ex-lovers, but is it productive for business? Since much of my business is focused on building websites, and helping small business owners use social media as part of their PR/Marketing stategy I am always interested in studies on this topic. Chuck Gose’s shared a great video recently which presented the argument that B2B is now leading B2C in the realm of social media. While