The Huge Statistics of Sports on Social Media

If there’s one thing we could learn from the current online firestorm with the NFL, the media, and sports fans, it’s the impact of social media on the sports industry. Nielsen reports that through the first six weeks of the NFL season, viewership of games is down 7.5% year over year. I have little doubt that this is largely due to the reactions and subsequent conversations amplifying the issue on social media. Open Facebook or Twitter on

Free Speech Doesn’t Protect Your Reputation

Sam Montgomery is a reader of Martech Zone and contacted me regarding a story of a young football talent named Yuri Wright. Yuri was actively being recruited by Michigan State… up until some folks read his tweets. The tweets are displayed at Chat Sports and not safe for work (NSFW)… just know that they’re pretty vulgar. Yuri Wright, the 4-star CB from New Jersey, was once though to be headed to Michigan in the 2012