MakeWebBetter: Build and Grow Your Ecommerce Business with WooCommerce and Hubspot

There’s no doubting the far reach of Hubspot as a CRM and marketing automation platform and WordPress as a Content Management System. Because it’s a simple plugin and add-on, WooCommerce has been growing in popularity as an ecommerce platform to easily implement. While WordPress has released it’s own CRM, the platform lacks the maturity of Hubspot for its ability to drive process to the acquisition and retention strategies of an organization. Hubspot‘s affordable coupling of

6 Best Practices You Should Follow When Building an Unsubscribe Page

We shared some statistics on reasons why people unsubscribe from your marketing emails or newsletters. Some of it may not even be your fault, as subscribers are inundated with so many emails that they just need some relief. When a subscriber finds and clicks on that unsubscribe link in your email, what are you doing to try to save them? I recently did just that with Sweetwater, an audio equipment site that’s been fantastic to

Drip, Drip, Drip… Buy

No one is waiting for your next tweet, status update or blog post to make their next purchase. There’s always the chance that you might motivate someone to purchase, but it’s impossible to predict when prospects are ready to make their next purchase. That’s why it’s so important to be there when your prospects are ready to decide. Where will they be? We understand from current online behavior that the majority of online prospects will

Autotarget: A Behavioral Marketing Engine for Email

Database marketing is all about indexing behaviors, demographics and doing predictive analytics on your prospects in order to market to them more intelligently. I actually wrote a product plan a few years ago to statistically score email subscribers based on their behavior. This would allow the marketer to segment their subscriber population based on who was the most active. By indexing on behavior, marketers could reduce messaging, or test different messaging, to those subscribers who