Time to Rap About Your Business (Don’t Miss Mine)

It started with a Tweet… Douglas Karr Rap Tribute https://t.co/oPodYLEZnQ @douglaskarr #rappitt http://t.co/gVR64opiLM — Rapp Itt (@rappittmusic) March 10, 2015 To say I was blown away is an understatement. I couldn’t stop laughing at how well this rap was written and I was researched by someone I had never met. That someone was Dan Stokes. Dan started Rappitt.com and being a financially strapped startup, was looking for unique ways to get the word (get it?)

The Foundation of Good and Bad Marketing

It seems that wisdom is one of those things that isn’t learned, it comes with pain, joy and other experiences. As I grow more mature in my business, I find that the more time that I spend setting expectations, the better or worse off the results are with our customers. If I say I’m going to get something accomplished and it takes longer than I had imagined – the missed expectation causes frustration. If I