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  • Ecommerce and Retailmodern retail fashion store.png

    7 Lessons For Retail In The Age of E-Commerce

    E-Commerce is taking over the retail industry by the minute. It’s making it all the more difficult to keep brick and mortar stores afloat. For brick-and-mortar stores, it isn’t about stocking up inventory and managing accounts and sales. If you’re running a physical store, then you need to move to the next level. Give the shoppers a compelling reason to…

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    Jobs that didn't exist 30 years ago

    The Future Isn’t Jobless and Never Has Been

    The paranoia regarding the future of artificial intelligence (AI), robotics, and automation needs to stop. Every industrial and technical revolution in history opened humans to unlimited opportunities for applying their talent and creativity. Not that specific jobs don’t disappear – of course they do. But those jobs are replaced by new jobs. As I look around my office today and…

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    How Technology is Shaping the Future of Marketing

    It’s clear that the future of marketing is in mobile applications, and there is tremendous amount of room to grow; currently, only 46% of companies have mobile applications. On top of the mobile communications, Big Data is providing another opportunity for growth, but 71% of CMOs are unprepared for the data explosion. Mobile is shaping the future of marketing 46%…

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    The Future of Mobile

    Every few days, my daughter and I get in an argument over who has the charging cord. I covet my cord and she tends to leave her cord in her car. If our phones are both down to single digit charge percentages… watch out! Our phones have become part of our person. It’s our connective tissue to our friends, our…

  • Marketing ToolsPredictions for 2031 from 2006

    In the Next 25 Years, My Predictions

    It’s fun to think about the future and what it might bring. Here’s a collection of my predictions… Computer monitors will be flexible, light, wide, and inexpensive. Primarily made of plastics, the manufacturing processes will get cheaper and cheaper. The convergence of phones, television, and computing will be largely complete. Cars and airplanes will still run on gas. The United…

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