Digital Behavioral Data: The Best-Kept Secret to Striking the Right Chord with Gen Z

The most successful marketing strategies are fueled by a deep understanding of the people they are designed to reach. And, considering age is one of the most common predictors of differences in attitudes and behaviors, looking through a generational lens has long been a useful way for marketers to establish empathy for their audiences. Today, forward-leaning corporate decision makers are focusing in on Gen Z, born after 1996, and rightfully so. This generation will shape

Alteryx: Business Intelligence and Strategic Analytics

When folks talk about analytics, it’s typically limited to on site, standard data that is common throughout a number of vendors. For large organizations with terabytes of data – including customer purchase data, census data, geographic data, social media data, etc – the average analytics platform doesn’t work. Here’s a great conversation between Alteryx and Forrester’s Boris Evelson on the topic: Alteryx combines business intelligence and the ability to connect to large datamarts into what