Geotoko: Multi-Platform Location-Based Campaigns

Whenever I take the time to chat with friends in the industry, I always learn about new and amazing tools. Today I was speaking to Pat Coyle. Pat runs the premiere Sports Marketing agency, Coyle Media. He shared Geotoko with me – a real-time location-based marketing and analytics platform. It’s quite an impressive toolset, combining the ability to market using Foursquare, Twitter and Gowalla with Facebook Places on the way. Now that Google Places is

Photography 101 with Paul D’Andrea

Paul D’Andrea and I met when I worked at ExactTarget. As with many gifted developers, Paul has a creative, artistic side as well. His passion is photography. One of Paul’s photos of a Coyote in a local cemetery is in this month’s Indianapolis Monthly Magazine. Last Christmas, my son and I purchased a Nikon D40 SLR digital camera for my daughter, Katie. Katie has been taking an interest in photography and we wanted to kick