Waze Local: Let Waze Drivers See Your Business When They Are Around

Every time I get into my car, the first thing I do is connect my phone and open the Waze app. It surpasses all the features of Google (who owns it) and won’t get you lost like Apple… all while crowdsourcing hazards and traffic along the way. If you’ve got a heavy foot and find yourself getting tickets, it’s extremely helpful as you can both report and see reported speed traps. The police despise Waze.

The Art of the Mobile Check-In

I’m not sure if I’m in the minority on geographic services, but I enjoy using Foursquare and checking in everywhere. The funny thing is that I don’t often share my check-ins, nor do I ever take advantage of the specials that they offer. So why do I do it? Hmmm… I haven’t figured that out. I do like the fact that the latest versions of the Foursquare app prompt me to check-in when I’m nearby

Social Local Mobile Behavior

Rocketfuel has produced this infographic with some details for mobile, social and local behavior. The intersection of social, local, and mobile marketing represents an early and still untapped opportunity for marketers. To make some sense of the SoLoMo landscape, we developed a SoLoMo infographic that combines the most pertinent industry research with our own primary research to share what you need to know about these three often overlapping spheres of consumer influence.

Add Your Site Location to your Sitemap with a KML File

You may not know this, but Google will actually index your site’s geographic location along with your other pages. This can be done best by supplying a KML file with your coordinates in an XML format – a format that’s easy to read by programming interfaces. Don’t let this intimidate you! It’s quite easy to build a KML file and add it to your site. In fact, I have a website that will build your