Workable Strategies for Omni-Channel Communication

A brief explanation of what Omni-channel communication is and specific features and strategies within it for marketing teams to increase their customers’ loyalty and value.

How to Redirect Users Based on Their Location in WordPress

A few months ago, a multi-location client of mine asked if we could automatically redirect visitors from specific regions to their internal location pages on the site. At first, I didn’t think it was too difficult a request. I thought I could download an IP address to location database and put a few lines of JavaScript into the pages and we’d be done. Well, it’s a lot more difficult than you might think. Here are

Fascinating Insight on How Location-Based Intelligence is Helping Automobile Marketing

A few years ago, I attended training at the recommendation of my friend Doug Theis on networking. Doug is the best networker I know so I knew attending would pay off… and it did. What I learned was that many people make the mistake of putting a value on the direct connection, rather than the indirect connection. For example, I could go out and try to meet every marketing technology company to see if they Precision Geographic and Data-Driven Display Advertising

Yesterday I had lunch with good friend Troy Bruinsma, an accomplished sales and marketing executive. Several years ago, we worked on direct mail campaigns for Troy when he worked for a cable company. Utilizing data cleansing, his customer data, their subscription data, demographic data and a TON of work… we were able to profile their current customers and identify, by household, which families were more or less likely to subscribe to specific cable packages or

Geotoko: Multi-Platform Location-Based Campaigns

Whenever I take the time to chat with friends in the industry, I always learn about new and amazing tools. Today I was speaking to Pat Coyle. Pat runs the premiere Sports Marketing agency, Coyle Media. He shared Geotoko with me – a real-time location-based marketing and analytics platform. It’s quite an impressive toolset, combining the ability to market using Foursquare, Twitter and Gowalla with Facebook Places on the way. Now that Google Places is