How To Quickly Launch A Weather-Based Campaign Having No Coding Skills

After Black Friday sales, Christmas shopping frenzy, and post-Christmas sales we find ourselves in the most boring sales season of the year yet again — it’s cold, grey, raining, and snowing. People are sitting at home, rather than strolling around the shopping malls.  A 2010 study by economist, Kyle B. Murray, revealed that exposure to sunlight could increase consumption and our likelihood to spend. Similarly, when it’s cloudy and cold, our likelihood to spend decreases. Moreover, in

Yashi Video Advertising by Geographic Region

As video viewing continues to rise, there’s an opportunity to reach a very specific audience using various targeting techniques. With Yashi, businesses can set up an exact latitude and longitude and customize a radius around it, serving ads only to people who reside within that particular area. Yashi’s retargeting capability makes it easy to show your ads to people who have already visited your site. Yashi analyzes more than 65 billion impressions a month and

What do Consumers Think About the New Media Landscape?

There’s an interesting quandry when asking for feedback via a survey versus collecting actual behavior. If you ask any consumer if they like advertising, a select few may jump up and down about how they can’t wait for the next ad to popup on Facebook or the next commercial during their favorite television show. I’ve never actually met that person… The reality, of course, is that companies advertise because it works. It’s an investment. Sometimes

Jiwire: Location-Powered Mobile Advertising

The JiWire Location Graph™ platform enhances mobile audience profiles with a combination of location, engagement, demographic, contextual, first and third party data, time of day, day of week and other factors to deliver the audience that is most relevant for your brand. JiWire receives anonymized location data from over hundreds of millions devices, including smartphones, tablets & laptops, delivering significant scale. The precise location data they’re able to acquire allows them to pinpoint exact location

Twitter: Autofollow based on Location

Being both public and a communication medium, businesses can take advantage of Twitter to grow their local retail traffic – easier than many think. Twitter users are both active and vocal about where they are and what they’re doing. By following active Twitter users regionally, companies who rely on local business can increase their direct traffic as well as amplify their brand online. Realtors, local stores, bars, clubs, insurance agents… or any other business that

Restaurant Mobile Social Consumer Trends 2012

There’s been a lot of evidence to the impact of mobile on typical retail shopping trends, but it should be also noted that Mobile Social Consumer (MoSoCo) behaviors are having a large impact on the restaurant and hospitality services as well! Mobile platforms and tablets have become products of this technological adaptation, and it’s no wonder that restaurant, food & hospitality brands are catching on by plugging in. In this Restaurant Mobile Social Consumer Trend

Push Marketing Evolving with Passbook

I just recently began to use Passbook on my iPhone when visiting Starbucks. Although I’m proud of my Starbucks Gold Card, I’m pretty happy to reduce the thickness of my wallet by one card. I just hand the barista my phone and they’re able to scan my rewards card in right there! Using the Starbuck’s app, I can reload my card directly from my phone as well. The Next Web recently did a post all