Pollfish: How to Deliver Global Online Surveys Effectively via Mobile

You’ve created the perfect market research survey. Now, how will you distribute your survey and get a statistically significant number of responses quickly? 10% of the world’s $18.9 bil market research spend is spent on online surveys in the U.S. You’ve mulled over this more times than you’ve been to the coffee machine. You’ve created survey questions, created every combination of answers–even perfected the order of the questions. Then you reviewed the survey, and changed

Social Media: SAP Global Survey (Part II)

The story behind how I gained interest in Social Media was fairly detailed – a combinations of where I worked, what I did for a living and the influential people in my life. So complex, in fact, that I wrote an entire post on How I got interested in Social Media. Shel passed on additional questions that are just as important, so I want to answer those ones in this follow up. 2. What social