Amplero: A Smarter Way to Reduce Customer Churn

When it comes to reducing customer churn, knowledge is power especially if it’s in the form of rich behavioral insight. As marketers we do everything we can to understand how customers behave and why they leave, so that we can get prevent it. But what marketers often get is a churn explanation rather than a true prediction of churn risk. So how do you get in front of the problem? How do you predict who

Marketers and Machine Learning: Faster, Smarter, More Effective

For decades A/B testing has been used by marketers to determine the effectiveness of offers in driving response rates. Marketers present two versions (A and B), measure the response rate, determine the winner, and then deliver that offer to everyone. But, let’s face it. This approach is cripplingly slow, tedious, and inexcusably inaccurate – especially when you apply it to mobile. What a mobile marketer really needs is a way to determine the right offer

Understand. Be on Brand. Build trust.

While Internet-based marketing tactics might be way cooler than some boring old print ad, that coolness factor doesn’t relieve you from doing basic branding work. All touchpoints are prime opportunities to increase your brand love with your target audiences. Understand how the person on the other side of the conversation is using that digital technology. At what level is she open to engaging with you at this touchpoint? If she’s busy checking her email during