RANT: Who Owns Your Domain?

Yesterday, I was with the board of a regional company and we were discussing some migrations. Some of the steps needed were going to require some domain records to be updated, so I asked who had access to the company’s DNS. There were some blank stares, so I quickly did a Whois lookup on GoDaddy to identify where the domains were registered and who the contacts were that were listed. When I saw the results,

Social Media Image Dimension Guide for 2020

It seems every week that a social network is changing layouts and requiring new dimensions for their profile photos, the background canvas, and images that are shared on the networks. Limitations for social images are a combination of dimension, image size – and even the amount of text that’s displayed within the image. I would caution against uploading oversized images to social media sites. They use aggressive image compression that often leaves your images blurry.

GoDaddy: Leaving the Boobs Behind and Kicking Ass

I hated GoDaddy. I truly did. I couldn’t believe a brand could spend millions of dollars flashing cleavage and continue to build so much business. It was a slap in the face to marketers who worked hard to keep their brands relevant, transparent, professional and helpful to their audiences. It was the easy way out… and it seemed to work. I advised all my clients to utilize other services and stay away. Over time, though,

GoDaddy claims trademark infringement for Go-Daddy domain purchased from GoDaddy

Today I received a call from a gentlemen who wondered about my relationship to NoDaddy.com, a site that lambastes GoDaddy for its business practices. After I got to speaking to John, I was amazed at what was happening to him. John purchased GO-DADDY-DOMAINS.COM and GO-DADDY-DOMAIN.COM from… who else… GoDaddy.com. I’m not sure whether or not John was surprised that he was able to purchase the domains, but I was! If you’re wondering if John is

Can Your Registrar Cut You Off?

With the big todo about GoDaddy’s cancellation of it’s customer (who now has his own campaign: NoDaddy.com), I decided to look into some other registrars, including my own, to see if they could pull the plug as easily as GoDaddy did. You’ll actually be surprised, only a couple of registrars have Terms of Service that set some pretty strong requirements against cancellation: Dotster: 16.2 Domain suspension, cancellation or transfer. You acknowledge and agree that your