AdSense: How to Remove An Area from Auto Ads

There’s no doubt anyone visiting my site doesn’t realize that I monetize the site with Google Adsense. I remember the first time I heard Adsense described, the person said it was Webmaster Welfare. I tend to agree, it doesn’t even cover my hosting costs. However, I do appreciate offsetting the cost of my site and Adsense is pretty targeted in their approach with relevant advertising. That said, a while back I modified my Adsense settings

Databox: Track Performance and Discover Insights in Real-Time

Databox is a dashboarding solution that where you can choose from dozens of pre-built integrations or use their API and SDKs to easily aggregate data from all of your data sources. Their Databox Designer doesn’t require any coding, with drag and drop, customization, and simple data source connections. Databox Features Include: Alerts – Set alerts for progress on key metrics through push, email, or Slack. Templates – Databox already has hundreds of templates ready to

AdPushup: Control and Optimize Your Ad Layouts

As a publisher, one of the most difficult decisions in monetizing your site is the balance between increasing revenues or destroying your user experience. We struggle with this balance as well – incorporating dynamically targeted ads that are relevant to the user. Our hope is that our ads extend the content by providing products or services that may be helpful. The downside, of course, is that visitors of the site begin to simply ignore the

The Secret of SEM: Google Results Are Rigged

A friend of mine shared some results of his revenue for the last 2 years with Text Link Ads, a service where you can buy and sell links. Publishers sell links simply to make money – and there’s quite an opportunity for an established blog with a good following and ranking. For Advertisers, the opportunity is to use backlinks to drive up their organic rank in search engines. Google’s pagerank algorithm is largely weighted for

Google Adsense Now Monetizing my Feed

For quite some time I ran affiliate marketing ads in my feed using the PostPost plugin I developed for WordPress and Commission Junction advertisements. It wasn’t really a source of any significant revenue, though, perhaps a few dollars a month. This week, I applied with Google Adsense to convert my feed from Feedburner to Google. The process to do this is still manual, but fear not, you won’t lose a single subscriber in the process.