Panguin: See the Impact of Google Algorithm Changes

Sometimes the simple tools are the most valuable. Time after time, our clients wonder whether or not they’ve been impacted by the algorithm changes that Google continues to roll out. We don’t tend to worry about them as much as we had in the past – in all honesty the algorithms have improved so well that we focus more on writing better content and ensuring that it’s easy to share. If you’d like to really

History of Google Algorithm Changes

When folks tell me they had someone SEO their site as if it’s a single event, I always question the person doing the work. Optimization isn’t a project that starts and stops. Competition is always changing, technology is always changing, the audience is always changing… and the Google Algorithm is always changing. We’ve previously posted just on Google Panda changes – but this infographic is much more comprehensive. Keeping on top of these changes is

Google Panda’s Black Eye

It’s been a few months since Google improved its algorithms with the famous Panda update and we’re on the cusp of another one… Panda 2.2. I wrote my thoughts here and here… and still confused as to whether it actually improved anything. It did; however, hit large sites such as ChaCha without warning. ChaCha took the hit and immediately worked to improve some of the criticisms that they heard through SEO consultants… DK New Media

Avoid getting taken Hostage by your Developers

This weekend I started up a conversation with a local artist who has been assisting her boss with the management of a couple of web applications her boss owns. The conversation took a turn and some venting went on about paying weekly development fees without seeing any progress with the developer they’ve been working with. Now the developer wants to charge them another lump sum fee to complete the project as well as a weekly