How Will Marketers Utilize Augmented Reality?

To think that within the next decade, automobiles and mobile devices will be fully infused with augmented reality is fascinating. I utilize navigation to get everywhere in my car and can’t wait until the visuals move from the small screen on my mobile device or the navigation screen on my car… to an overlay on my windshield that keeps my focus on driving rather than glancing back and forth. Popping up addresses and other critical

The Most Wanted Wearable Technologies

A few weeks ago, my mother had a scare with her heart that required her to wear a defibrillator full time. The system monitored and uploaded her heart data through sensors in the vest, would automatically warn if there was a sensor position off, and – in the event of a heart attack – would warn bystanders to step back and it would defibrillate the patient. Pretty scary stuff – but also very cool. It