Some New Google Map Markers

I’m finishing up a mapping site for a client this weekend and decided the current marker (icon) collections out there were pretty plain, lacking any dimension. While I was taking a break, I decided to make a new collection. Feel free to download the markers here and use them for commercial or non-commercial use… my only requirement is a nice thanks! There’s an arrow with shadow, blank marker, markers 0 through 9 and A through

Algebra and Geometry… when will I ever use it? Google Maps!

A good friend of mine, Glenn, is one of the founders of Family Watchdog. Family Watchdog is one of those fantastic stories… a company founded on a mashup that is performing a public service AND actually providing a living for its founders. It must be amazing to go to work every day knowing that you’ve made a difference. Each time I see Glenn, he’s working like crazy and loving every minute of it. Tonight I