Understanding Address Parsing, Standardization, and Delivery Verification APIs

A key offering that many of our clients appreciate is our trackable direct mail. With a dynamic QR code, we can identify every direct mail recipient that uses their smartphone to open a call-to-action… from dialing a phone number or scheduling an appointment. We can even push an event record for the specific recipient to their customer relationship management system… or contact a sales representative with the activity. While the return on investment is outstanding,

A Sneak Peak at Wild Birds Unlimited

With 60 hour weeks at work the last few weeks, it’s been a challenge to add another 20 or 30 on the mapping project I’m doing for Wild Birds Unlimited. Tomorrow’s a big day, though, when WBU shows the functionality off to some of its franchisees. We’ve really squeezed a lot of functionality into this site, and we hope to do much more. There’s a robust Administrative back-end where stores can even update their own