Build an Online Directory for WordPress with GravityView

If you’ve been part of our community for a while, you know how much we love Gravity Forms for form building and data collection in WordPress. It’s just a brilliant platform. I recently integrated Gravity Forms with Hubspot for a client and it works beautifully. A key reason why I prefer Gravity Forms is that it’s actually saving the data locally. All of the integrations for Gravity Forms will then pass the data to the

GoSite: An All-In-One Platform for Small Businesses To Go Digital

Integrations aren’t particularly easy between the services your small businesses need and the platforms that are available. For internal automation and seamless customer experience to work well can be out of budget for most small businesses. Small businesses need functionality that spans most platforms: Website – a clean website that’s optimized for local search. Messenger – the ability to effectively and easily communicate in real-time with prospects. Booking – self-service scheduling with cancelation, reminders, and

2020 Local Marketing Predictions and Trends

As innovation and convergence in technology continue, affordable opportunities for local businesses to build awareness, be found, and sell online continue to grow. Here are 6 trends that I’m predicting will have an enormous impact in 2020. Google Maps Will Become the New Search In 2020, more consumer searches will originate from Google Maps. In fact, expect an increasing number of consumers to bypass Google search altogether and utilize Google apps on their phones (i.e.

4 Mistakes Businesses Are Making that Hurt Local SEO

Major changes are underway in local search, including Google’s placement of 3 ads up top pushing down their local packs and the announcement that local packs may soon include a paid entry. Additionally, narrowed mobile displays, the proliferation of apps, and voice search are all contributing to increased competition for visibility, pointing to a local search future in which a combination of diversification and marketing brilliance will be bare necessities. And yet, many businesses will

Add Your Floor Plan to Google Maps

Whether you’re a mall that wishes to map your stores, a retail outlet that wants to map your departments, or a commercial building that wishes to map out its tenants, it’s time to submit your floor plans to Google Maps Floor Plans. You may have noticed that some retail outlets, like malls, have started to map out the establishments inside the mall. So far, they don’t appear to be too accurate, though, and perhaps that’s

Local Search is Growing, Are You Even on the Map?

Trying to get into a search results page for a specific keyword term can take a lot of work. I’m surprised at the number of local businesses, though, that don’t take advantage of Google Local Business. I worked with my favorite Indianapolis Coffee Shop, The Bean Cup, to get good search engine placement… but the first step was to ensure they were listed on Google’s map: If you do a search on Google for coffee

Displaying a Trail in a Google Map with KML

This is sort of Part 2 on displaying trails (line segments) in a Map. Last year I assisted the Indianapolis Cultural Trail by mapping out the incredible cultural bike and walkways that are being constructed in Indianapolis using Google Earth. Part 1 was how to utilize Google Earth to plot your trails and export them to a KML file. Tonight, I finally sent off a map that had been residing in my test directory over