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  • Search MarketingGoogle Authorship Discontinued, rel="author"

    Google Authorship Was Discontinued, But rel=”author” Doesn’t Hurt

    Google Authorship was a feature that allowed Google to identify the author of a piece of content and display their name and profile photo alongside the content in search engine result pages (SERPs). It also was included as a direct ranking factor for content. Authorship was designated by adding rel=”author” markup to the content, which linked it to the author’s…

  • Search MarketingLocal SEO: Ranking for Local Search

    All the Details You Need to Rank with Local SEO Marketing

    We’ve really been having some fun with a local home service company here in Indianapolis and working on their inbound marketing efforts. Most of our experience to date has been working with enterprise clients who also hoped to rank regionally and we unlocked some great strategies for them. This specific client isn’t in any other city, though, and has a…

  • Social Media & Influencer MarketingSocial Media Etiquette

    Does Your Business Follow Social Media Etiquette Best Practices?

    Social media etiquette… the expression makes me squirm. There’s always someone trying to apply a set of rules to everything nowadays, and I can’t stand it. Of course, there are unacceptable online and offline behaviors, but the beauty of the platform is that you’ll see the results whether you follow the so-called rules. Here’s an example… I follow a large…

  • Marketing Infographicsnavigating social media field guide

    A Field Guide to Navigating Social Media

    This infographic from Lemonly and 9clouds providing insight into how to navigate social media is quite unique. The goal was to paint a clear picture to answer three questions that 9clouds always received – What networks should I be using? Why should I use Pinterest or Google Plus or [insert network]? What network is best for my business? The social…

  • Marketing Infographicssocial media lead generation

    Using Social Media for Lead Generation

    This infographic has some great stats but I don’t think it’s a deep evaluation of the total impact of social media. One example is the impact of social media on search engine results. If you have great content that’s shared a ton socially, the chances of more folks citing your content within their relevant content increases and; as a result,…

  • Content Marketingshare

    This is How You Share Content in Social Media

    If you truly want to maximize your reach on Facebook and Google+ when you share content, look no further than our client, Angie’s List. Many folks (like us) push our content to social media utilizing a host of publishing applications like Hootsuite or Buffer. The problem is that our articles are seen on Facebook and Google+ with minimal reach. Not…

  • Marketing Infographicssocial impact seo

    Is Social Impacting Search Rank?

    This is another one of those great arguments of causation versus correlation. Does getting social mentions directly impact your search engine ranking? Or is social a great barometer of activity on the web that generates other factors that influence ranking. Google and Facebook aren’t really friends at this point – with Microsoft having access to Facebook activity, it’s doubtful that…

  • Marketing Infographicsgoogle plus for business

    Google+ for Business

    Kudos to our friend and social media mentor, Chris Brogan, on this incredibly robust infographic on why and how businesses should be using Google+ to advance their online marketing. Key for our clients has been the deep search integration. I think it would have been great if the infographic also spoke to the Authorship advantages! That’s where we’re currently seeing…

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