Google Search Shortcuts and Parameters

Today, I was searching for an infographic on Adobe’s website and the results weren’t what I was looking for. Rather than going to a site and then searching internally, I almost always utilize Google shortcuts to search sites. This comes in extremely handy – whether I’m searching for a quote, a code snippet, or a specific filetype. In this case, the original search was: That result provides every page across all Adobe subdomains that include

Yes, There Are Still Great Blogs Out There To Discover… Here’s How to Search for Them

Blogs? Am I really writing about blogging? Well, yes. While the official umbrella term we now apply in the industry is content marketing, blogging continues to be the most common format that companies are utilizing to reach their perspective and current clients. I never actually realized that the term blogging would grow to obselecense, but it’s used a lot less than ever. In fact, I often refer to my writing here as articles rather than

Recruit’em: Find Business Connections on Google

If you’re looking for a business connection across social networks, Google is a great tool. I often do a search of Twitter + name, or LinkedIn + name to find a profile. LinkedIn, of course, has a great internal search engine (especially the paid version) and there are also sites like to find connections. More often than not, I utilize Google though. It’s free and it’s accurate! RecruitEm was especially built for recruiters to

A Flaw in Google’s People Identification – and the Danger

Good friend Brett Evans brought an interesting search result to my attention. When some folks search for Douglas Karr, the context of the sidebar is filled with information about the film producer (not me), but with my photo. The fascinating thing is that there’s no connection between the Wikipedia data and my Google+ profile. There’s no link on his Wikipedia that relates to me, there’s no link on my Google+ profile that links to his

Textbroker Launches Free Unique Content Verifier

Some of my colleagues have had some pretty good results in purchasing content to either start up a site, to provide specific informative posts, or even to feed an ongoing ghostblogging program. Building great content can be challenging, so a number of services have popped up to help companies build their content library. If you decide to go cheap or buy a lot of articles in bulk, you can run the risk of buying content