Google Search Shortcuts and Parameters

Today, I was searching for an infographic on Adobe’s website and the results weren’t what I was looking for. Rather than going to a site and then searching internally, I almost always utilize Google shortcuts to search sites. This comes in extremely handy – whether I’m searching for a quote, a code snippet, or a specific filetype. In this case, the original search was: That result provides every page across all Adobe subdomains that include

Google Site Search on SERP?

Good friend and co-worker, Marty Bird, pointed out this interesting feature that I’ve not seen before on Google. The ability to do a site search within an actual search result: I utilize Site Search quite a bit on Google. The syntax is quite easy and it’s usually faster than using a site’s internal search mechanism. If you wanted to search my site, for example, on tips for Indianapolis posts, the syntax is indianapolis. In

WordPress: Track Site Searches with Google Analytics

Google Analytics has a nice feature, the ability to track internal searches on your site. If you’re running a WordPress blog, there’s quite a simple way to set up Google Analytics Site Search: Select your site in Google Analytics and click Edit. Navigate to a view in which you want to set up Site Search. Click View Settings. Under Site Search Settings, set Site Search Tracking to ON. In the Query Parameter field, enter the