How To Optimize Your Youtube Video and Channel

We’ve continued to work on our optimization guide for our clients. While we audit and provide our clients with what’s wrong and why it’s wrong, it’s imperative that we also provide the guidance on how to correct the issues. When we audit our clients, we’re always surprised at the minimal effort put into to enhance their Youtube presence and the associated information with the videos they upload. Most just upload the video, set the title,

Beware – Google Search Console Ignores Your Longtail

We uncovered another peculiar issue yesterday when reviewing our clients’ organic search engine performance. I exported and reviewed impression and click data from Google Search Console Tools and noticed that there were no low counts, only zeros and large counts. In fact, if you were to believe Google Webmasters data, the only great terms that were driving traffic were the brand name and highly competitive terms that the client ranked on. There’s a problem, though.

Content Curation to Build Trust

Content curation sets up an editorial layer in the delivery of news and other information. Human editors pick the stories their users “need” to know, as an alternative to flooding them with algorithmically-chosen content their users might “want” to know.

Can Retailers Strike Gold on Facebook?

According to Foresee… yes. Foresee is releasing some findings on some retail statistics associated with Facebook today. Here are some of their findings: 56% of shoppers to top e-retail websites who interact with social media websites have elected to ?friend? or ?follow? or ‘subscribe? to a retailer on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and Youtube. This is an amazing testament to customer loyalty and interest in social engagement. Shoppers are actually choosing to engage

Most Users Don’t Like Change

I’ve been reading a lot about the new user interface design on Facebook and how much users have pushed back on the changes, ironically through a survey launched as a Facebook App. They don’t just dislike the changes, they despise them: As someone who reads and observes design quite a bit, I appreciate the simpler design (I hated their miserable navigation before) but I am a bit miffed that they simply stole Twitter’s simplicity and

Who the Hell is Paul Boutin?

A client asked me on the phone today, “What does blog stand for?”. I let him know that it was short for web log, and evolved into the abridged blog. A few minutes after the call, I received a note from my good friend, Dr. Thomas Ho, who asked, “What’s YOUR opinion of this?” and he left me a link to Paul Boutin’s Wired Essay, Twitter, Flickr, Facebook Make Blogs Look So 2004. I read