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  • Artificial IntelligenceMagic Studio: Suite of Visual AI tools for Generative AI (GenA)

    Magic Studio: Every GenAI Visual Tool You Need, All in a Single Subscription

    Visual generative AI (genAI) platforms are popping up all over the web, and I’ve shared quite a few here when they provide compelling results. It’s still a young industry; technology advances almost daily as these engines enhance their learning. Most of the image modification and creation AI tools you’re seeing are actually powered by the larger AI platforms but provide…

  • Content MarketingAre Interactive Infographics Worth the Investment?

    Are Interactive Infographics Worth The Investment?

    The history and origin of infographics can be traced back to ancient times, but their modern form and popularity surged in the late 20th century. Today’s infographics aren’t just incredible. New trends allow them to be interactive. The History of Infographics Early History: The roots of infographics are often linked to cave paintings and Egyptian hieroglyphs, which used visual representations…

  • Content MarketingMarq: Brand Management, Brand Workflows, Brand Asset Management

    Marq: Streamline Brand Workflows and Ensure Your Brand Consistency Across Teams and Strategies

    Managing a brand and its assets can be frustrating, especially in today’s ever-evolving business landscape. Keeping brand consistency across various teams and marketing materials while ensuring ease of use and customization is a challenge many organizations face. Not managing your brand assets isn’t just inconvenient and costly. When we work with brands, having access to their brand assets saves us…

  • Content MarketingGraphic Design Trends for 2023

    What Are The Graphic Design Trends That Shaped 2023?

    Graphic design is an ever-evolving field where creativity meets technology to create innovative and visually compelling solutions. As we step into a new era of design, the integration of generative AI (GenAI) into graphic design platforms has emerged as a game-changer. I recently shared how Adobe Illustrator is integrating generative AI tools to accelerate the innovation process for creatives. This…

  • Marketing ToolsAdobe Illustrator AI Features

    Adobe Illustrator: Unleashing the Power of AI in its October 2023 Release

    Adobe has long been a pioneer in the world of creative software. I’m an avid Illustrator user and enjoy using the vector-based graphic creation platform. With the rapid acceleration of AI-powered graphic creation, I started to doubt the future of graphic design platforms like Adobe Illustrator and its other family of products. Imagine my excitement this morning when I opened…

  • Content MarketingCrowdspring: Graphic Design Crowdsourcing

    CrowdSPRING: The Agency Killer?

    Your brand’s visual identity is a critical component of success. Whether you’re launching a startup, rebranding, or simply looking to refresh your image, Crowdspring offers a design solution that blends speed, expertise, and affordability to help your brand stand out. Why Use Crowdspring? Crowdspring operates on a crowdsourced model, harnessing the collective creativity and expertise of a global community of…

  • Search MarketingUpCity B2B Service Provider Directory

    UpCity: A Trusted B2B Service Provider Directory

    Building a strong online presence and establishing credibility is crucial for B2B service providers. One platform that stands out as a valuable resource for service providers is UpCity. With its mission to connect businesses with trusted service providers, UpCity offers a range of benefits that can help B2B service providers thrive in their respective industries. B2B service companies that should…

  • Social Media & Influencer MarketingHow Small Businesses Are Using and Benefitting from Social Media

    How Small Businesses Are Using And Benefitting From Social Media

    Our small business prospects and clients often ask us about our expertise and use of social media to drive business results. I am a firm believer that businesses should have a strong social media presence, but I’d argue that it’s more about reputation management than it is driving direct business. The reality of social media is this… very few buyers…

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