Create, Test and Increase Subscriptions With Beautiful Popups

While many people don’t like popups, most visitors realize that the cost of free advice and content on a website may just be a simple popup asking you to subscribe. In the past, the code required to develop and design a popup wasn’t that difficult, but factoring in the ability to test each design made it a much more difficult implementation. Pippity is looking to solve this with a unique popup plugin that offers a

Spend $299 and Submit Your Site to Yahoo?

You may want to proceed with caution when utilizing some of the standard online SEO tools and reading some of the forums on how to increase your site’s rank, authority and backlinks… some of this information is far outdated. Case in point, I read on quite a few sites that submitting your site to Yahoo!’s directory was a great idea. For $299, your site would get indexed within the Yahoo! business directories, promoted on Yahoo’s