The Psychology and ROI of Color

I’m a sucker for a color infographic… we’ve already published how genders interpret colors, color, emotion and branding and whether or not colors impact buying behavior. This infographic details the psychology and even the return on investment a company might attain by focusing on the colors they’re utilizing throughout their user experience. Emotions evoked by color are based more on personal experiences than on what we’re told they’re meant to represent. The color red might

Rant: The “P” Word

Great marketers enjoy talking about Return on Investment. Yesterday, I attended a meeting with a real estate company who had some challenges with their web strategy. Their brochure site wasn’t driving too many leads and they were spending quite a bit of money on a number of external programs to drive leads into their sales funnel. The problem that we identified was that they were paying for all of those companies to compete with them

Greed, Fear and Failed Entrepreneurs

The largest difference I’ve observed in all the companies that I work for on success versus failure is the ability for the entrepreneur or business to actually execute. It frustrates me to watch friends and fellow entrepreneurs not realize their success simply because they don’t execute. Fear and greed are the two things I see that stop entrepreneurs in their tracks. Here are a couple of examples: Entrepreneur A has a great product that’s working

Is Google Really Trying to Make the Web Better?

A while ago, Google put a patent on analyzing domain registration as a part of a site’s authority. The result was that the entire blogosphere and SEO industries began advising clients to register their domains for the maximum time. I even wrote about it recently.. and was rebuffed by good friend PJ Hinton from Compendium Blogware (see the comments). Now Google is being a little more forward in its approach – with Matt Cutts dropping