What is Growth Hacking? Here are 15 Examples

The term hacking often has a negative connotation associated with it as it refers to programming. But even people that hack programs aren’t always doing something illegal or causing harm. Hacking is sometimes a workaround or a shortcut. Applying the same logic to marketing works as well. Sean Ellis did just that. Traditional marketing online and off can drive incredible growth for companies, but strategies often grow a company’s foothold with momentum. There are ways

Confessions of the SEO Marketers

Search engine optimization is one piece of marketing optimization, and it can be as confusing and contrived as a parking sign in New York City. There’s so many people talking and writing about SEO and many contradict each other. I reached out to top contributors in the Moz community and asked them the same three questions: What SEO tactic that everyone loves is actually worthless? What controversial SEO tactic do you think is truly valuable?

Guest Blogging – You’re Doing it Wrong

At one time, backlinks ruled the world of search engine optimization. When a site’s quality was measured in terms of PageRank, backlinks provided the much sought after votes that drove this metric. But as Google’s algorithm matured, a website’s rankings could no longer rest solely on the number of links pointing back to it. The quality of the site hosting that link began to carry more weight than the sheer number of links a site