How A Rogue, Hacked Subdomain Got My Primary Domain In Trouble with Google!

When a new service hits the market that I want to test out, I typically sign up and give it a test run. For many platforms, part of the onboarding is to point a subdomain to their server so you can run the platform on your subdomain. Over the years, I’ve added dozens of subdomains that pointed to different services. If I got rid of the service, I often didn’t even bother cleaning up the

WordPress Hacked? Ten Steps to Repair Your Blog

A good friend of mine recently got his WordPress blog hacked. It was quite a malicious attack that could have an impact on his search ranking and, of course, his momentum in traffic. It’s one of the reasons why I advice large companies to utilize a corporate blogging platform like Compendium – where there’s a monitoring team looking out for you. (Disclosure: I’m a shareholder) Companies don’t understand why they would pay for a platform

Shut Up and Savor the Great Posts?!

This is more of a question for discussion rather than a comment. My experience with blogging is that consistency is everything. If your readers expect to have new content on a daily basis, they will return to your site on a daily basis to get that content. A good question is: How many times will a visitor return to your website to check for new content before they stop returning? I’ve been doing some testing