Should You Optimize Content for Wide Screens?

I’d love a user experience expert to chime in on this post. I’ve been watching as more and more technology sites are maximizing the viewport (the viewable region of your device) and I’m not really that impressed. I don’t believe that, if you have more resolution that you need to use that resolution. Here’s a breakdown of the top resolutions on Martech Zone: The most popular resolution, as you can see, is the 1366×768. This

Reputation is Authority’s Dark Shadow

The news is full of some incredible stories of humanity recently: Alex Rodriguez admits to steroids (strangely omitted from’s AROD news page) Michael Phelps photographed smoking pot. He’s subsequently lost a huge endorsement deal with Kellogg’s. Even Barack Obama has had a couple tough weeks, trying to find cabinet members and pushing through a stimulus package that has sinking popularity. There are commonalities. Each of these people were at the top of the world.