Freshworks: Multiple Conversion Rate Optimization Modules in One Suite

In this digital age, the battle for marketing space has shifted online. With more people online, subscriptions and sales have moved from their traditional space to their new, digital ones.  Websites have to be on their best game and take into account site designs and user experience. As a result, websites have become critical to company revenues. Given this scenario, it’s easy to see how conversion rate optimization, or CRO as it’s known, has become

Hotjar: Heatmaps, Funnels, Recordings, Analytics and Feedback

Hotjar provides a complete set of tools for measuring, recording, monitoring and collecting feedback through your website in one affordable package. Quite different from other solutions, Hotjar offers plans with simple affordable plans where organizations can generate insights on an unlimited number of websites – and make these available to an unlimited number of users. Hotjar Analytics Tests Include Heatmaps – providing a visual representation of your users’ clicks, taps and scrolling behavior. Visitor Recordings

Eyequant: Heatmapping on the Fly

EyeQuant is a predictive eye-tracking model that specifically looks at what users see on a page within the first 3-5 seconds. The idea is simple: within 5 seconds a user should be able to see who you are, what your value proposition is, and what to do next. EyeQuant allows for optimizing the design of a page to ensure this is the case. Here are the free results of our EyeQuant demo… I’m quite happy

Does a Subscribe Dropdown Work?

When we relaunched our newsletter, I wanted to really make the subscription link a dominant feature on our site. We added a drop-down section at the top of the site and it’s been incredible. While we used to get a trickle of one or two subscribers before, now we get dozens of subscribers each week. The Marketing Technology newsletter is growing quite popular, with almost 3,000 subscribers! I’d like to add a few more dropdowns

What’s a Yooba?

Just got a note from a communicator (great title) at, a web-based service that’s preparing to launch this Spring. The video is a little cryptic but the content on the site is compelling: Yooba is a web based B2B service for marketing professionals. Our aim is to make it possible for you to focus on creativity and achievements. Yooba gives you an all-inclusive platform for your digital marketing experience. We provide hosting and database