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    social media holiday campaigns

    Social Media Content Ideas for the Holidays

    ‘Tis the season and if you haven’t planned out your holiday social media posts, here’s a great infographic from MDG Advertising to give you some ideas, Holiday Marketing 2016: 7 Fresh Ideas for Your Holiday Social Media Posts. Here are seven unique ideas that can spur your creativity and attract some attention to your brand when you need it most! From…

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    The Do’s and Don’ts of Holiday Branding According to 99designs

    The nights are silent, the dreidels are drying, and your customers are opening their wallets. If you can make your brand part of their holiday season in a natural and charming way, they’ll remember you well into the New Year. Here are some helpful Do’s and Don’ts to help you navigate the season. Do: maintain your authenticity If your typical…

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    omnichannel retail

    What is Omni-Channel? How is it Impacting Retail this Holiday Season?

    Six years ago, the biggest challenge of online marketing was the ability to integrate, align, and then control messaging throughout each channel. As new channels emerged and increased in popularity, marketers added more batches and more blasts to their production schedule. The result (which is still common), was an overwhelming pile of advertisements and sales messages shoved down every prospect’s…

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    retail holiday

    How Can Retailers Capitalise on the International E-commerce Opportunity this Christmas?

    With the global market for cross-border e-commerce now valued at £153bn ($230bn) in 2014, and predicted to surge to £666bn ($1 trillion) by 2020, the business opportunity for UK retailers has never been greater. International consumers are increasingly favouring shopping from the comfort of their own homes and this is even more appealing during the holiday period, as it avoids the…

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    holiday marketing tips

    Holiday Marketing Tips for Retail and Ecommerce

    It’s no surprise that 78% of shoppers will be researching their next purchase online, but what is a surprise how many retailers and e-commerce companies are leaving their online presence out of the equation. One of those missing elements is Pinterest – the leading social network for gift inspiration. In the last 15 years, 75% of retail growth has been…

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    10 Holiday Deliverability Tips

    From now until the end of the year, inboxes everywhere are fighting spam. Unfortunately, the chances of your email finding its way into a spam folder are pretty good. Especially if you haven’t been sending frequently and utilizing email marketing best practices. Digital marketers can face a long and winding road in getting emails to customers this time of year.…

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    5 Point Email Marketing Holiday Checklist

    It’s Fall which means back to school shopping is in full swing and students are on their way back to the classroom. However, Timing. Be aware that even though it’s only August, several people are already starting to look into gift ideas. If they find it for the right price, they go ahead and purchase to be ahead of the…

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    Why You Should Send Cards this Holiday

    Our sponsors at SurveyMonkey released a holiday survey and found 63% of the 1,000 respondents will send holiday cards for the 2011 holiday season. In an age where text, twitter, and Facebook updates are the main form for daily personal updates, the holiday card remains the gold standard for the period in the year where people aim to keep traditions…

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    ‘Tis the Season to Work

    We recently posted email best practices for the holiday season, an infographic with advice from Delivra, an email marketing company. Xobni, a very cool inbox productivity tool, has released this depressing infographic on how many of us will work and even check email through the holidays. A whopping 79% of U.S. working adults say they receive work email on traditional…

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