How to Use Keywords Effectively for SEO and More

Search engines find keywords in different elements of a page and use them to determine whether or not the page should be ranked in certain results. Proper use of keywords will get your page indexed for specific searches but does not guarantee placement or rank within that search. There are also some common keyword mistakes to avoid. Each page should target a tight collection of keywords. In my opinion, you should not have a page

Over 20% of our Home Page Clicks Come from One Feature

We signed up for Hotjar and did some heatmap testing on our home page. It’s a fairly comprehensive home page with a lot of sections, elements, and information. Our goal isn’t to confuse people – it’s to provide an organized page where visitors can find whatever they’re seeking. But they’re not finding it! How do we know? Over 20% of all engagement on our home pages comes from our search bar. And in reviewing the

12 Questions For Home Page Design

Yesterday, I had a fantastic conversation with Gregory Noack. The topic of the conversation was simple but essential to every company… home pages. Your home page is the primary landing page for visitors to your site, so it’s critical that you design it well. We’re currently implementing a new site for our agency and Greg brought up some great points that are making us adjust some of our copy and elements. I don’t think writing

WordPress: Build a Home Page in 3 Easy Steps

I was working on a site for a friend today who had WordPress but he wanted a simple home page rather than a home page utilizing the latest blog entries. This is really useful if you’d like your blog to be a part of your site rather than the entire site. You can basically utilize WordPress as a CMS. Below I concentrated on ‘3 Easy Steps’ so if you’re an advanced developer who utilizes WordPress,