Do You Have a Home Page Video? Should You?

I recently came across the State of Video 2015 report from Crayon, a site that mentions it has the most comprehensive collection of marketing designs on the web. The 50-page research report focused primarily on detailed breakdowns of which companies use video, whether they used free hosting platforms like Youtube or paid platforms like Wistia or Vimeo, and which industries are most likely to use video. While that was interesting, the most intriguing part of

12 Questions For Home Page Design

Yesterday, I had a fantastic conversation with Gregory Noack. The topic of the conversation was simple but essential to every company… home pages. Your home page is the primary landing page for visitors to your site, so it’s critical that you design it well. We’re currently implementing a new site for our agency and Greg brought up some great points that are making us adjust some of our copy and elements. I don’t think writing