What’s the Best Time to Send Your Emails (By Industry)?

Email send times can have a significant impact on the open and click-through rates of the batch email campaigns that your business is sending to subscribers. If you’re sending out millions of emails, send time optimization can change engagement by a couple of percent… which can easily translate to hundreds of thousands of dollars. Email service provider platforms are getting far more sophisticated in their ability to monitor and optimize email send times. Modern systems

How Advocates Drive More Instagram Activity than Influencers

By 2019, spending on #Instagram Influencers is expected to reach $2.3 billion That’s an incredible amount, but points directly to the power of a visual program that’s widely adopted in influencing purchase decisions. In fact, a whopping 72% of Instagram users report to making a purchase decision based on images shared on the platform Instagram side note… you can follow me @dknewmedia! Be prepared to see a ton of photos of my dog Gambino and my ongoing

nBA Insight: Actionable Social Business Intelligence

newBrandAnalytics delivers social intelligence solutions for the restaurant, hospitality, government and retail industries. They decipher and analyze reams of social media feedback and translate it into operational insights at local, regional and brand levels for their customers. Here’s an overview of how nBA is utilized in the Restaurant Industry: nBA Insight collects and processes massive amounts of unstructured social media comments about your business at the local, regional, and brand level, so that you can

Restaurant Mobile Social Consumer Trends 2012

There’s been a lot of evidence to the impact of mobile on typical retail shopping trends, but it should be also noted that Mobile Social Consumer (MoSoCo) behaviors are having a large impact on the restaurant and hospitality services as well! Mobile platforms and tablets have become products of this technological adaptation, and it’s no wonder that restaurant, food & hospitality brands are catching on by plugging in. In this Restaurant Mobile Social Consumer Trend

Social Marketing for Travel and Hospitality

We have a client in the travel insurance industry that does an amazing job leveraging social media to grow their business. By becoming a great destination of travel news and advice, they’ve continued to increase growth. Led by Bryant Tutterow and Muhummad Yasin, we’ve been amazed at how streamlined and productive their team has been in such a highly regulated market. Social networks and user reviews can have a profound impact on the booking decisions

Resources versus Resourcefulness

I happened across a video of Tony Robbins at TED that was pretty inspiring. One of his lines really rang true with me personally: Resources versus Resourcefulness One of the most fulfilling jobs I ever had was being an Integration Consultant for ExactTarget. At the time, ExactTarget had a fairly limited application programming interface (API) but our clientele was growing in sophistication and automation. Every day was a meeting with a client who had a

Creativity versus Copyright

This is, perhaps, one of the best discussions of how copyright laws (IMO) are not simply unfair, but also a bane to our culture’s creativity. The pain caused by these laws is exacerbated by the explosion of opportunity that the Internet provides us. Even sweeter is that the message and history are being discussed here by Larry Lessig, an attorney. Hat tip to Lorraine for the find!