Klout Scores Reinvented… and I Like It!

I had heard about Klout a while ago but didn’t pay much attention until I met some of the Klout team in Las Vegas. I tested it out and found that some of the scores were lacking. For instance, many of us had multiple pages, multiple accounts, and a history online that spanned a decade… but Klout wasn’t impacted by all of that. The last time Klout updated it’s score, they lost me altogether. The

With Search, Second Place Is Just The First Loser

Some folks get real excited when they start seeing their pages begin to show up on search engine results. Too many companies don’t realize just how huge the game is and how much money is at stake when it comes to keyword ranking and the value of search engine placement. So… here’s an example where I can quantify the value of rank. Let’s imagine we’re a San Jose Real Estate Agent and we’ve got a

Leveraging Web Analytics

Many people look at the typical site configuration and they see a Web Site that points to a Call to Action and then they measure that Call to Action through Analytics, calling it a conversion. If you were to draw that out, it looks like this: The problem, of course, is that the Web Analytics is housing TONS of hidden jewels of data that no one pays attention to or leverages. Typically, Analytics is utilized