How Long Does It Take To Rank In Google Search Results?

Whenever I describe ranking to my customers, I use the analogy of a boat race where Google is the ocean and all of your competitors are other boats. Some boats are bigger and better, some old and barely staying afloat. Meanwhile, the ocean is moving as well… with storms (algorithm changes), waves (search popularity crests and troughs), and of course the continued popularity of your own content. There are often times where I can identify

How Your Hosting Can Affect Your SEO

Yes, your hosting can have an impact on your SEO. Surprised? So are most people when they learn that their hosting plan can impact their potential for reaching high SERPs. But why? And how? Turns out, your hosting plan affects three major areas which all affect your rankings: Security, Location, and Speed. We’ll give you a thorough breakdown not just of how your hosting plan affects these things, but what you can do to pick

The #1 Question Search Engine Users Ask About Your Business

How? In 2014, out of all of the searches on Google, how was the #1 term used by search engine users. Every product or service sold across the Internet answers a How. The question is whether or not you’re the destination for the information they’re seeking. If you’re a sports drink, the how might be how to deal with cramps, or how to prepare your body for a hard workout. If you’re an analytics company,