Smartling: Translation Services, Collaboration, and Process Automation Software

Reading Time: 4 minutes If commerce is driven by words, global commerce is fueled by translation. Buttons, shopping carts, and romance copy. Websites, emails, and forms must be translated into different languages in order for a brand to go global and reach new audiences. This takes teams of people carefully managing each distribution channel for source content; and it is cost prohibitive for teams to address each supported language. Enter: Smartling, a translation management system and language services provider empowering

Lilt: A Neural Human+Machine Feedback Loop for Translation and Localization

Reading Time: 2 minutes Lilt has built the first neural human+machine feedback loop for translation. Lilt’s neural machine translation (NMT) system is the first of its kind in the translation technology industry and goes beyond offerings from Google, Amazon, Facebook, Apple, or Microsoft. Businesses wishing to expand their global reach now have a better option to translate their content quickly and accurately. When it comes to translation, businesses have had only two choices: Full-sentence machine translation like Google Translate.

12 Factors that Impact Your International Email Strategy

Reading Time: 2 minutes We’ve assisted clients with internationalization (I18N) and, simply put, it’s not fun. The nuances of encoding, translation, and localization make it a complex process. If it’s done wrong, it can be incredibly embarrassing… not to mention ineffective. But 70% of the world’s 2.3 billion online users aren’t native English speakers and every $1 spent on localization has been found to have an ROI of $25, so the incentive is there for your business to go

Reach7: Engage Multilingual Audiences on Social Media

Reading Time: 2 minutes Reach7 wants to make it easier for individuals and businesses to expand their social reach throughout the globe. With Reach7, users identify and engage with the most relevant audience on social media easily and efficiently. Their platform helps users build a relevant audience in their local market or work effectively to engage with a global market. Businesses or individuals can localize tweets in over 80 of the world’s most spoken languages. 90% of translations are completed

3 Reasons Machine Translation Isn’t Close to Human Translation

Reading Time: 2 minutes Years ago, I remember all of the sites that included those awful automated translation buttons. You’d click the button on a non-English site and it was barely readable. The best test was to translate a paragraph from English to another language… and then back to English to see how different the result was. Case in point, if I translate the first paragraph from English to Spanish and back again using Google Translate, here’s what the