Checklist: A Comprehensive List Of 40+ Steps To Successfully Launch A New Website, Online Store, or Do A Site Refresh

Whether I’m launching a website on a new domain or relaunching a client website, there are a number of steps that I take to ensure that the site is properly launched and fully accessible to users and search engines. I will mention some examples of plugins or applications in the following article, but this is not a platform-specific article. This article assumes that you’ve built the site locally or on a staging area and are

How To Hyperlink Phone Number To Call Or Text In A HTML Anchor Tag

At work, we often sit down to a laptop or a desktop to view our corporate websites on a large screen… but if you take a look at the mobile visits to your website, you may be startled that the majority of visitors are arriving via mobile device. If you start to break down your traffic by referral source, you’ll probably be even more surprised that search engine users are predominantly mobile. 63% of search