Writer: Develop, Publish, and Apply Your Brand’s Voice And Style Guide With This AI Writing Assistant

Just as a company implements a branding guide to ensure consistency across the organization, it’s also critical to develop a voice and style for your organization to be consistent in its messaging. Your brand’s voice is vital to communicate your differentiation effectively and to speak directly to and emotionally connect with your audience. What Is A Voice And Style Guide? While visual branding guides focus on logos, fonts, colors, and other visual styles, a voice

Lexical Onomies: Synonymy, Antonymy, Hyponymy, Meronymy, Holonymy

As Highbridge researches the content authority strategies we develop for our clients, there’s a methodology associated with the topics we’re producing, gaps we’re identifying, and priorities we’re creating. First some definitions: What is a Taxonomy? Taxonomy – the two-dimensional hierarchical classification model of the architecture of the site. Within your website and content strategies, this is typically the categories – known as the collection – of like topics. On Martech Zone, we have categories like