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  • Content MarketingAdd a home icon in wordpress in the nav menu with code

    Add a Home Icon to the WordPress Navigation Menu Using Code

    We love WordPress and work with it virtually every day. The navigation menu active in WordPress is incredible – a nice drag-and-drop feature that’s easy to use. Sometimes, you create a menu you wish to use throughout your theme without including the home link, though. Here’s some code adding the home link to the menu without using the menu options…

  • Advertising TechnologyWhat is a CMP? How Creative Management Platforms Help Media Buyers Manage Personalized Ad Campaigns Across Channels

    How Creative Management Platforms Help Media Buyers Manage Personalized Ad Campaigns Across Channels

    With new advertising platforms like TikTok, retail media networks (RMN), or connected TV (CTV) ad platforms added to the ad channel mix, media buyers are pressured to craft and distribute more creatives that resonate with people than before. Additionally, strengthened privacy regulations left them without precise techniques for audience targeting, such as third-party (3p) cookies and mobile IDs. That means…

  • Content Marketing
    How To Speed Up WordPress

    How to Speed Up Your WordPress Site

    We’ve written, to a great extent, about the impact of speed on your users’ behavior. And, of course, if there’s an impact on user behavior, there’s an impact on search engine optimization. Most people don’t realize the number of factors involved in the simple process of typing in a web page and having that page load for you. Conversely, if…

  • Content MarketingHow to do a Reverse Image Search with TinEye

    TinEye: How To Do A Reverse Image Search

    As more and more blogs and websites are published daily, a common concern is the theft of images that you have purchased or created for your personal or professional use. TinEye, a reverse image search engine, allows users to search a specific URL for images, where you can see how many times the images were found on the web and…

  • Content Marketing
    Image Rotator Widget

    Add a Responsive Image Rotator Widget To Your Site On Any Platform

    Many years ago, I was disappointed to find out there wasn’t a simple way to rotate images in WordPress so I developed an Image Rotator Widget Plugin for WordPress. Over the years, though, WordPress advanced its capabilities and a ton of other plugins, page builders, new widget user interface, and third-party tools have surfaced. It wasn’t worthwhile for us to…

  • Email Marketing & Automation
    Email Marketing Mistakes to Check and Avoid Checklist

    40 Email Marketing Mistakes To Check And Avoid Before Clicking Send

    There are a ton more mistakes you can do with your entire email marketing program… but this infographic focuses on the most common mistakes we make before clicking send. We’ve added a few of our own recommendations here before you ever even start building your first email. Deliverability Checks Before we begin, are we set up for failure or success?…

  • Content MarketingWhy Are Infographics So Popular?

    Why Are Infographics So Popular? Hint: Content, Search, Social, and Conversions!

    Many of you visit our blog because of the consistent effort I put into sharing marketing infographics. Simply put… I love them and they’re incredibly popular. There are several reasons why infographics work so well for businesses’ digital marketing strategies: Visual – Half of our brains are devoted to vision and 90% of the information we retain is visual. Illustrations,…

  • Content MarketingGoogle Images, Stock Photography, Public Domain, and Lawsuits

    Google Makes Public Domain Images Look Like Stock Photography, And That’s a Problem

    In 2007, famed photographer Carol M. Highsmith donated her entire lifetime archive to the Library of Congress. Years later, Highsmith discovered that stock photography company Getty Images had been charging licensing fees for using these public domain images without her consent. And so she filed a lawsuit for $1 billion, claiming copyright violations and alleging gross misuse and false attribution…

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