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  • Ecommerce and RetailAmazon Attribution Guide

    Amazon Attribution in 2024: A Comprehensive Overview

    Amazon’s e-commerce platform continually adapts to the digital market landscape, introducing advanced tools and techniques for sellers to measure and optimize their performance. Among these, Amazon Attribution is a vital instrument for sellers who want to assess the impact of their external marketing campaigns on Amazon sales. Amazon Attribution has revolutionized the game for sellers and vendors, and that’s putting it mildly.…

  • Advertising TechnologyHow to improve programmatic advertising results

    4 Strategies For Improving Programmatic Advertising Results

    The introduction of programmatic advertising – automated purchasing and selling digital ad space – is one of the most significant breakthroughs in advertising. As most of us continually seek ways to increase our audience reach, every click, view, and interaction has become increasingly important. Programmatic ad spending soared to a staggering 418.4 billion U.S. dollars in 2021, and it’s expected…

  • Advertising Technologywhat is adtech guide

    Adtech Simplified: A Comprehensive Guide for Business Professionals

    In the current digital marketing landscape, advertising technology, or Adtech, has become a buzzword. It covers software and tools advertisers, agencies, and publishers use to strategize, implement, and manage digital advertising campaigns. This guide aims to elucidate Adtech and its implications in the era of artificial intelligence (AI), segmented into five key categories in alignment with industry terminology. What is…

  • Advertising TechnologyWhy Affiliate Marketing Is a Great Strategy for Growing Your Business

    Why Affiliate Marketing Is The Most Failsafe Marketing Channel in the Current Economy

    In volatile economic times, businesses worldwide are faced with tightening budgets— including within the marketing function. CMOs globally are grappling with strategic decisions around which channels to prioritize.  Affiliate marketing in general has increasingly gained recognition as a sound investment, allowing businesses to work with partners on a cost-per-acquisition (CPA) basis rather than sinking huge upfront fees into other channels,…

  • Advertising TechnologyDo you need an Ad Server?

    7 Signs You Do Not Need An Ad Server

    Most ad tech providers will try to convince you that you need an ad server, especially if you’re a high-volume ad network because that is what they are trying to sell. It is a powerful piece of software and can deliver measurable optimization to certain ad networks and other tech players, but an ad server is not the right solution…

  • Analytics & Testing
    how to measure public relations online

    How to Measure Your Online Public Relations Effectiveness

    Standards are key to measure the effectiveness of any aspect of your online marketing, including public relations. Below are two sets of standards in the industry, AMEC and PRSA). Personally, I believe that PR professionals should also be adopting organic search metrics as well, combining both organic and social presence into a single share of voice with respect to their…

  • Analytics & TestingMetrics That Matter Pardot

    Marketing Metrics that Matter

    Pardot put together this marketing metrics cheat sheet that has been making the rounds. Today’s marketing analytics are powerful. Marketers have access to all kinds of metrics, from page views and numbers of fans to more revealing statistics involving leads and sales. With the growing transparency in marketing data, it’s easy to get caught up in data that – more…

  • Analytics & Testingpinterest metrics for tracking

    Ultimate Guide to Pinterest Metrics

    We get quite a nice stream of traffic from Pinterest. It’s fairly consistent as long as our posting on Pinterest is consistent. It also helped when we installed the Pinterest Pin It Button For Images – you’ll see it if you mouseover the image below. Quite a few more people are sharing our infographics. Our Marketing Infographics board almost has…

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