The Power of In-Person

A couple years ago, we actually had a meeting with some of the board at Cisco via Telepresence and it was nothing short of amazing. Speaking to someone full-size and face-to-face has incredible value. The folks at Cisco agree and have put out this infographic on the power of in-person meetings. The demands of a distributed globalized marketplace have altered the way organizations communicate with colleagues, supplier/partners, and customers who may be separated by long

Blogging is not Enough, “Press the Flesh”!

This is a phrase I’m growing tired of – quickly – during this presidential candidacy. I’m not sure who penned the original term but I’ve seen it used widely this season. Most recently, the governor of West Virginia used the term to discuss why Barack Obama lost West Virginia in a landslide to Hillary Clinton. He’s trying to defend the opposition view that West Virginia still has race issues and Obama lost it simply because