Swirl: In-Store Mobile Marketing Platform for Major Retailers

Swirl In-Store Mobile Marketing Platform™ is the first platform to let large-scale retailers create and deliver personalized content and offers to shoppers based on their specific locations within physical retail stores. The Swirl platform offers an end-to-end solution for retailers to manage effective campaigns that communicate with their customers through their mobile devices anywhere from the neighborhood level, all the way down to a particular area of the store. In May, Swirl launched a pilot

Writing For People Who Do Not Read

This week, I responded to a Facebook comment (ok… it was an argument) and the author immediately responded… “So we agree!”. It made me go back and reread his comment. I was embarrassed to see how terrible my comment was in response to his – I totally missed his key points. Later on, I found a comment on my blog that blasted me… but actually didn’t differ with my opinion that I had written. It