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  • Sales EnablementRuby Inbound Call Management for Sales and Customer Service

    Ruby: How To Build And Scaling Your Inbound 24/7 Sales Call and Customer Service Team

    Providing round-the-clock sales calls and customer support isn’t just an option… it’s become an expectation in virtually every industry. Having a proficient staff that can manage your inbound calls from prospects or customers is essential to the success of many organizations and a differentiator from your competitors. Embarking on the journey to build the necessary infrastructure and assemble a proficient…

  • Sales EnablementVoice Call Statistics and the Customer Journey

    Why Voice Calls Are Critical To Your Customer’s Journey

    I have to admit that I’m terrible about calls and I absolutely know that I’m leaving money on the table with my business. My phone often rings throughout the day and the people don’t bother to leave a message, they just move on. My guess is that they simply don’t wish to work with an unresponsive company and that answering…

  • Marketing Infographicsphone calls customer journey

    The Importance of Phone Calls in the Customer Journey

    One of the features we’re launching with our agency directory is click to call. And recently, we hired a virtual assistant for our own agency. What we’ve become painfully aware of is that some prospects and businesses simply won’t do business unless they can pick up the phone and dial the business. Aside from availability, the other issue is simply…

  • Analytics & Testinginbound call infographic1

    The Inbound Call Channel is Huge… and Untapped

    One industry that’s vastly underserved and a huge opportunity for marketers is call tracking. As smartphones become more prevalent in business for reading emails, searching for businesses, and researching our purchases – more and more people are simply clicking the phone number they find on the site. For companies who advertise across media channels, this is a huge problem because…

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