Inbound Marketing Ecosystem

The positioning of DK New Media is largely that it’s an inbound marketing agency. We like the term inbound marketing because it emphasizes the fact that our focus is attracting leads and turning them into customers. SEO companies are often focused on rank. Social companies are often focused on bigger audiences. Agencies are often focused on design. We’re focused on business results… and may utilize SEO, social, email, mobile, video, design or any other strategy

Video: does Video Advertising for Sponsors the Right Way!

Pat posted a video today for the Colts family of sites that I thought was incredible – relaying the reach of, and They really developed a beautiful video player that adds a nice feature… replicated advertising. Each time someone embeds this in their site, their advertiser is reaching a new audience. Very well done. Pat also asks an important question… with 7.5 million visitors to on an annual basis, but 280,000