7 Ways to Optimize Your Online Marketing Conversion Funnel

Reading Time: < 1 minute Too many marketers are overly concerned with increasing traffic to their sites instead of converting the traffic they have. Visitors are arriving at your site each and every day. They know your products, they have budget, and they’re ready to buy… but you’re not enticing them with the offering they need to convert. In this guide, Brian Downard of Eliv8 shows you step by step how to build an automated marketing funnel that you can

AddThis Adds Personal Targeting to Improve Engagement, Conversions and Revenue

Reading Time: 2 minutes Most of the marketing technology world is focused on getting visits. Link baiting is off the charts and it’s resulting in terrible results for marketers. Getting someone to your site is actually pretty easy, but keeping them there and actually encouraging them to do business with you is quite complex. Even on a publication like ours, increasing our viewership is important – but unless people are interacting with the brands that we’re talking about, it’s

How Your Business Can Turn Unknown Website Visitors into Leads

Reading Time: 1 minute For the last year, we have tested a variety of solutions for our B2B clients to accurately identify website visitors. People are visiting your site every day – customers, leads, competitors, and even media – but typical analytics doesn’t provide insight into those businesses. Each time someone visits your website, their location can be identified by their IP address. That IP address can be collected by third party solutions, identification appended, and the information forwarded

Optimized Marketing: Why You Should Align Brand Segmentation to Activation & Reporting

Reading Time: 4 minutes With high volumes of data created across multiple marketing channels, brands are challenged to organize and active the right data assets to maximize cross-channel performance. To better understand your target audience, drive more sales, and reduce marketing waste, you need to align your brand segmentation with digital activation and reporting. You must align the why they purchase with the who that buys (audience segmentation) to the what (experience) and how (digital activation) so that all

Landing Page Videos Increase Conversions 130%

Reading Time: < 1 minute There have already been some compelling statistics that video increases conversion rates on emails by 200% to 300%. Video is beginning to play a major role across all marketing channels. Imavex is a web development firm named one of the top search engine marketing companies in the country. I was speaking to Ryan Mull and he mentioned that they have noticed a marked improvement in their clients’ pay-per-click conversion rates when they include high quality