IDS Fulfillment: Flexible Warehouse and Fulfillment Services

Reading Time: < 1 minute Quite a few years ago, I got to take a tour of the IDS facility here in the Midwest. It was quite an eye opener for me since I’d never seen the advancements that had happened in the logistics, warehouse and fulfillment industries. Fast forward to this year and I had an amazing discussion with a high school entrepreneurship where I was sharing with them about the ecommerce industry. People don’t realize that there are

Keep This Handy: The 10 New Rules of Crisis Communication

Reading Time: 2 minutes Our agency is located in Indiana and when the powers-that-be in the state passed their version of the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA), a crisis ensued. It wasn’t simply a government crisis. Since it impacted the business sector, it became a crisis for all of us doing business within the state. Especially when some some business leaders outside the state began to speak out and threaten to boycott the state (fascinating given that they’ve never

Technology Fueling Economic Growth in Indiana

Reading Time: 2 minutes As a judge for the 2011 Mira Awards, I had a chance to spend a day meeting with founders, inventors, programmers and business leaders making a significant impact in our technology landscape.  While I can’t tell you who the winners are, you will need to attend the Mira awards next month, I can tell you there are some really exciting things happening here. As you would expect, many of the presentations were about the technology.

Start Up Weekend – Changing the World One City at a Time

Reading Time: 2 minutes This weekend 125 people from more than 30 countries spent a few days discussing how Startup Weekend could have a positive impact on our global economy.  Sounds crazy?  The Kauffman Foundation is willing to bet $400,000 we are not.  They have provided a three year grant which allowed the StartUp Weekend team to expand to 8 full time staff members. This small team, will in turn provide support for hundreds of StartUp Weekend events around the world.  

West vs Midwest Round II

Reading Time: 4 minutes PREAMBLE Last week, I was on a panel at The Combine – 2010 called Go West: Former Midwesterners that have moved to the Silicon Valley share their stories. I was one of four people discussing our personal stories and it set off a firestorm on Twitter and went Cat 4 when Doug Karr posted his reactions when he recapped the Combine 2010 here. All these feelings were entirely justified given the shallow nature of the format, which is