IDS Fulfillment: Flexible Warehouse and Fulfillment Services

Quite a few years ago, I got to take a tour of the IDS facility here in the Midwest. It was quite an eye opener for me since I’d never seen the advancements that had happened in the logistics, warehouse and fulfillment industries. Fast forward to this year and I had an amazing discussion with a high school entrepreneurship where I was sharing with them about the ecommerce industry. People don’t realize that there are

Indy is StartUp Friendly

Douglas Karr, was one of four judges who helped us select the winning team from Startup Indy.  In this interview he talks about why he was involved, and why it makes sense for tech firms to launch a startup here in Indianapolis. Douglas Karr on Judging at StartUp Weekend

While You Were Having Dinner and Watching TV, We Were Building Businesses

This weekend, 57 entrepreneur have been working on starting seven new business.  From software tools and social media to a portable laptop desk, the ideas are starting to come together. And if you are curious enough about how all this is going to turn out, and what the judges ( including Douglas Karr) think about the business ideas, join us for networking and final presentations on Sunday night:

Start Up Weekend – Changing the World One City at a Time

This weekend 125 people from more than 30 countries spent a few days discussing how Startup Weekend could have a positive impact on our global economy.  Sounds crazy?  The Kauffman Foundation is willing to bet $400,000 we are not.  They have provided a three year grant which allowed the StartUp Weekend team to expand to 8 full time staff members. This small team, will in turn provide support for hundreds of StartUp Weekend events around the world.  

There is Innovation Here at Silicon Prairie

I spent an amazing day as one of the judges for the annual Mira Awards. While I can’t tell you who won (you will have to attend the Mira Awards on May 15th). I can tell you there is some incredible innovation happening right here in Indiana. I was a judge in two categories Social Media and Corporate IT.  That a strange contrast moving from the nimble entrepreneurs to innovative mangers inside very traditionalorganizations. My