Aspire: The Influencer Marketing Platform For High-Growth Shopify Brands

If you’re an avid reader of Martech Zone, you know that I have mixed feelings on influencer marketing. My view of influencer marketing isn’t that it doesn’t work… it’s that it needs to be implemented and tracked well. There are a few reasons why: Purchase Behavior – Influencers may build brand awareness, but not necessarily convince a visitor to actually make a purchase. That’s a tough predicament… where the influencer may not be properly compensated

How to Own Digital Transformation with Influencer Relations

Your customers are becoming more informed, empowered, demanding, discerning, and elusive. The tactics and metrics of the past no longer align with how people make decisions in today’s digital and connected world. By implementing technology marketers are able to fundamentally impact the way brands view the customer journey. In fact, 34% of digital transformation is lead by CMOs compared to only 19% being spearheaded by CTOs and CIOs. For marketers, this shift comes as a