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  • Sales and Marketing TrainingHow to Write A Marketing Plan

    How To Write Your Marketing Plan for 2024

    In preparing for the new year, companies should consider coordinating and planning various marketing plans to reach their target audience and achieve their business goals effectively. Each type of marketing plan has its unique focus and strategies. Marketing Plan Research To prepare for writing a marketing plan, incorporating the Agile Marketing Journey is essential. This journey consists of five stages:…

  • Content MarketingQuantity versus quality of content, a list of questions

    20 Questions For Your Content Marketing Strategy: Quality vs. Quantity

    How many blog posts should we write each week? Or… How many articles will you deliver each month? These may be the worst questions I constantly field with new prospects and clients. While it’s tempting to believe that more content equates to more traffic and engagement, this isn’t necessarily true. The key lies in understanding the varying needs of new…

  • Content MarketingAre Interactive Infographics Worth the Investment?

    Are Interactive Infographics Worth The Investment?

    The history and origin of infographics can be traced back to ancient times, but their modern form and popularity surged in the late 20th century. Today’s infographics aren’t just incredible. New trends allow them to be interactive. The History of Infographics Early History: The roots of infographics are often linked to cave paintings and Egyptian hieroglyphs, which used visual representations…

  • Content MarketingTumult Hype: Animate HTML5

    Tumult Hype: Create and Animate Engaging User Experiences with HTML5 for OSX

    HTML5 has revolutionized the web development landscape with its rich set of features and capabilities, and one area where it truly shines is animation. With HTML5, web developers can create stunning animations that enhance user experiences on websites and web applications. In this article, we’ll explore HTML5’s animation capabilities and the kinds of user experiences that can be created using…

  • Content MarketingR Factors of Corporate Blogging

    Mastering the 10 R’s To Maximize Your Corporate Blogging Strategy

    Companies blog for several strategic reasons, which can play a pivotal role in their broader sales and marketing efforts: To Drive Traffic: Blogging increases a company’s visibility on search engines. Regularly updated content indexed by search engines drives new visitors to the company’s website, which can be converted into leads. To Establish Authority: By publishing informative and expert content, a…

  • Social Media & Influencer MarketingSmall Business Social Media Branding

    Ultimate Guide to Social Media Branding for Small Businesses

    A social media presence is crucial for small businesses to prosper in the digital world. Making profiles on multiple platforms is only one aspect of social media branding; building an engaging online persona that appeals to your target market is another. This comprehensive manual will show you the ins and outs of social media branding and offer insightful advice and…

  • Content MarketingInfographic about the 6 types of content businesses should use

    Infographics: 6 Types of Content Your Business Should Be Producing To Reach All Prospects and Customers

    Customers today have diverse preferences regarding the medium they use to seek information. Depending on their situation, different content types are appropriate. As a savvy marketer, understanding these preferences and leveraging the right content types is essential for engaging, converting, and retaining your target audience. Recent research from Skyword reveals that the average brand has diversified its approach to content…

  • Content MarketingMediamodifer mockups and shareable design builder

    Mediamodifier: Mockups and Design Templates In One Affordable Platform!

    My partners and I are always surprised at the number of tools that we subscribe to every month to use for our clients. It seems it’s always one one-off feature we need for almost every client, so we subscribe with the hopes we can repurpose the tool for another client someday! It’s not often you find a platform that has…

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